Richard Boire

With this experience, Richard formed his own consulting company back in 1994 which later became the Boire Filler Group, a Canadian leader in offering analytical and data management services to companies seeking solutions to their existing predictive analytics or database/digital marketing challenges.

His initial experience at organizations such as Reader’s Digest and American Express allowed him to become a pioneer in the application of predictive modelling technology for all database and CRM type marketing programs. This extended to the introduction of models which targeted the acquisition of new customers based on return on investment.

Richard Boire’s experience in predictive analytics and data science dates back to 1983, when he received an MBA from Concordia University in Finance and Statistics.

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Richard Boire is a recognized authority on predictive analytics and is among a very few experts in this field in Canada, with expertise and knowledge that is difficult, if not impossible to replicate in Canada. This expertise has evolved into international speaking assignments and workshop seminars in the U.S. , England, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia and Australia.

He has chaired numerous full day conferences on behalf of the CMA such as the 2000 Database and Technology Seminar as well as the 2002 Database and Technology Seminar and the first-ever Customer Profitability Conference in 2005).

Within Canada, he gives seminars on segmentation and predictive analytics for such organizations as Canadian Marketing Association (CMA), Direct Marketing News, Direct Marketing Association Toronto, Association for Advanced Relationship Marketing(AARM.) and Predictive Analytics World(PAW). His written articles have appeared in numerous Canadian publications such as Direct Marketing News, Strategy Magazine  and Marketing Magazine. He has taught applied statistics,data mining and database marketing at a variety of institutions across Canada which include University of Toronto, George Brown College, Seneca College and currently Centennial College. Richard was Chair at the CMA’s Customer Insight and Analytics Committee and sat on the CMA’s Board of Directors from 2009-2013

More recently, he has spoken at Predictive Analytics World Conferences from 2009-2019 and chaired the Toronto versions in 2014 and 2015.
He has written numerous publications on the practical use of AI(artificial intelligence) in predicting consumer behaviour. His book “Data Mining for Managers: How to use data(big and small) to solve business problems” was published by Palgrave Macmillan of New York City in 2014.


We customize solutions to your business needs not customize your business needs to our services and products. Our experience and knowledge has created invaluable expertise in identifying challenges and needs that can be solved through the data science discipline. This is not only about applying the right machine learning or AI algorithm in developing a solution. More importantly, it’s also about creating the right data environment as the necessary fuel for these machine learning and AI algorithms.


Recognizing that the world of analytics is becoming more and more specialized, our value to clients is to be able to identify and understand business problems while integrating the right data in order to create the solution. In many cases, this will require that we work virtually with a number of specialized personnel on a project by project basis. Our business network can quickly gather the right individuals from a variety of different areas:

  • Programming in languages such as Java, HTML , Python, R, SAS, SQL, other programming languages.
  • Data Management expertise and familiarity with the Hadoop framework of distributed data environments
    • Unstructured,semi-structured and structured data environments
  • Machine Learning tools and their applicability in solving the business problem at hand